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12 Daily Habits That Will Change Your Life


Your daily routine is directly related with contentment or stress. Here are the habits that you should be doing daily to make your day a beneficial one.


1- Practice Morning Walk:

Walking up early in the morning and going out for a morning walk is a very healthy habit. The cool morning breeze, lush green leaves, due on flowers, chirping birds all give a very soothing effect to your eyes, mind and body. Half hour walk before taking breakfast is a blessing for the whole day. If you are not a morning walk lover, you can walk to your workplace instead of using a vehicle, of course provided that it is not too far.

2- Take Healthy Breakfast:

A morning breakfast is necessary to have energy for the rest of the day. It gives a jump start to the metabolic system. It is the most important meal that keeps you in good physical health. Make it a priority to spend a good day.

3- Organize Your Home:

Neat and clean surrounding always gives a pleasant and soothing effect. Maintain your living place on daily basis. Do not leave the scrambled stuff like that. Do not keep piling up your laundry or dishes. Keep your wardrobe, book racks and kitchen counter organized. If the things are all messed up, you will have to waste a lot of time and energy to search for a small item. When everything is managed, it helps you save time and energy.

4- Meditate:

Our mind spins around the happenings of the day as well as the gone days. It revolves more around the negative occurrences the positive ones. It is very important to release the stress and tension associated with daily experiences and meditation is the best solution. It releases stress and brings the body to a state of restfulness. Meditating on a regular basis will bring calmness and will lighten your day.

5- Read:

Books are quiet and loyal fiends. But just like bad friends, bad books can spoil you. You should choose books wisely and must spare some time for book reading daily. Good books are a source of inspiration as well as motivation. As you spend more time with books, you will get more out of them.

6- Exercise:

If you wish to have a healthy body, then get into the habit of exercising daily. It gives long term benefits which include strong muscles, reduced body fat, increased flexibility, good heart health, strong immune system and general well being. Exercising daily is important; not heavy workouts. If you have the habit of going to gym daily that’s fabulous. But if you are not a gym-lover you should give at least 10-15 minutes to simple stretching exercises.

7- Spend Sensibly:

We work hard to earn a living. The hard earned money should not be wasted in useless things. You should take care of the finances. Plan a budget and do not purchase stuff that lies out of it. Make a habit of spending money sensibly and advise your dependents to take care as well.

8- Personal Care:

Life is going so fast that we rarely find time for our personal grooming which is quite important. We feel good about ourselves if we look good. Our face, hands, body and hair; all require care. Eat fresh vegetables and fruits daily. Drink plenty of water and fluids. Maintain a good diet. Do visit some beauty saloon, parlor or health care center on regular basis.

9- Indoor Activity:

Spare a time in your daily routine for some activity. You can try gardening, playing some indoor game or some creative art. If you are a parent you can try doing some fun craft with your kids. They will enjoy your involvement.

10- Outdoor Fun:

Just like indoor activity, outdoor activity is equally important. Outdoor activities, like playing in the park, cycling, running etc are very important for kids . Also plan outing with family members once or twice a week. It may include dining out, going to some fun land, doing shopping, visiting malls, or anything that makes your family members happy.

11- Mid-day Nap:

A short mid day nap relaxes the whole body for the rest of the day. It reduces stress, boosts energy levels and gives strength to make critical decisions. The risk of heart diseases also reduces. 15-25 minutes of nap is just sufficient enough to recharge the nervous system and ultimately the whole body. If you sleep more than that, your body will fall into deep sleep and you won’t get any benefit associated with the mid-day nap.

12-Plan the Coming Day:

Make plans for the next day and note it down on an easily accessible item, be it a notepad or an electronic device. This will help avoid confusions and you won’t forget to carry out any important task. But don’t be upset or worried if you can’t achieve a target and at the same time don’t be too lazy to leave things for the next day. Try to reach your goals in the most possible earliest time. Effectiveness and efficiency are both important.


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