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12 Things You Must Never Apologize For


Very often, we make mistakes; and we all know what to do next… Yes, we need to apologize. Although sincere apology is a source of peace and comfort, but at times we need to realize that there are many situations where we never really need to say sorry. Here is a list of 12 things you must never ever apologize for.

1- You Must Never Ever Apologize for Saying No:

Sometimes we feel like we have been born to please everyone around us. This makes us do the things we are not interested in and saying “no” seems to be pretty hard. Do not put your health and self-esteem at risk by being a people pleaser. It is okay to say “no” at certain times. And seriously, you never need to apologize for it.

2-You Must Never Ever Apologize for Your Past:

Don’t keep on apologizing for whatever happened yesterday. Forget it and move on. Today is the only possession that you have in hand. Stop regretting over the past and enjoy every single moment of your present.

3-You Must Never Ever Apologize for Loving Your Spouse:

Loving your spouse unconditionally is one of the greatest blessings. If you have an attitude that could keep both of you together for a lifetime, then you are absolutely on the right track.

4-You Must Never Ever Apologize for Going After Your Dreams:

Chase your dreams, and make them happen. Do not allow anyone to stop you. If you want to be happy, then fill up your life with whatever satisfies you. What’s the point in apologizing to others for your own dreams and passions?



5-You Must Never Ever Apologize for Your Choices:

It’s your life and it’s your choice. Don’t let anyone make you feel guilty over your choices. You have the full authority to make decisions the way you like.

6-You Must Never Ever Apologize for Someone Else’s Mistakes:

If your friend did something wrong, then what does it have to do with you? You are solely responsible for your own actions. You don’t need to apologize for someone else’s attitude.

7-You Must Never Ever Apologize for Ending a Toxic Habit:

If you have left any of the toxic habits that used to drain out your energy, then it’s simply wonderful. You don’t need to feel sorry for being energetic once again.

8-You Must Never Ever Apologize for Being Imperfect:

Beauty lies within imperfection. Accept with an open mind and heart that you are not perfect and never ever apologize for it. This will surely lift up your soul.

9-You Must Never Ever Apologize for Ignorance:

Don’t say sorry because you don’t know something. Instead, take up the opportunities to learn more. Believe in this powerful saying of Confucius,

“Real knowledge is to know the extent of one’s ignorance.”

10-You Must Never Ever Apologize for Buying Something for Yourself:

Buy yourself something you love and don’t feel bad about it. Do not consider it a mere wastage of money. You are simply making yourself happy by fulfilling your own desires. And you are worth it.

11-You Must Never Ever Apologize for Being Honest:

Being honest and telling truth is sometimes quite hurtful. But it is a virtue that only strong people can have. You need to be honest instead of choosing to be a liar.

12-You Must Never Ever Apologize for Putting Yourself First:

You have to put yourself first. Does that sound to be selfish? Well, yes, it does. But the fact is that it isn’t! This simply means you have to start loving yourself and this would automatically give you enough zeal and energy to take care of those around you. And you, certainly, do not need to apologize for this. Have you ever apologized for any of the things mentioned above? I would love to learn from your experiences. Share your thoughts in the comments section. Cheers 🙂


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