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Fact: Emperor Gaius Planned to Make His Horse a Consul


Roman Emperor Gaius (Caligula) Planned to Make his Favorite “Horse” Incitatus a “Consul” and Actually Appointed Him a Priest.


Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus Germanicus was the third emperor of the Roman Empire. He is more popular with the nickname of Caligula. During the first six months of his reign, he is described as a moderate, noble ruler. However, after that, sources present him as a cruel , extravagant and insane tyrant. His beloved horse Incitatus had a stable made of marble. It is believed that this horse had a collar of precious stones, an ivory manger. Servants were ordered to feed him oats, mixed with gold flakes. It is said that Caligula planned to make Incitatus a consul, and actually appointed him a priest!!


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