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3 Simple Tips To Stay Positive In Negative Situations



Feeling Upset? Once life was so happy and relaxed but now everything is turning around. The school grades are not good, there are financial crises, your project gets rejected, the boss is always angry with you, your marriage life is in danger or you have lost a close friend. Life is becoming harder and harder. In such situations negativity and pessimism surround you and “being positive” seems nothing more than a dream not coming true.


It is, however, possible to learn how to think positively in situations when it is difficult to make your mind free from negativity. Here are a few easy tips.


1. Stop Assuming Things:

The main reason of thinking negative is that most of the times fiction is intermingled with fact. You interpret things in a way that actually did not happen the way you are thinking. It is just like the letter 6 or 9. If you see 6 upside down, it does not remain 6 but becomes another letter, i.e. 9. For example, you hear your friend, Sarah, telling another friend of yours, “Lily is feeling upset” and you start assuming that she is backbiting you and doing so because she doesn’t like you and is inciting others against you. Wait wait….this is the time to stop assuming things.

2.Identify The Good:

Once you stop assuming negative things you will be able to find positive. Sarah must have been doing so because she is concerned about you. This is how you can search the good in daily routine. See the brighter side of the picture. Find the glass half full instead of being half empty. You can do this by thinking of the good moments in your life. There are many things in our life that are a blessing. Try to remember them on daily basis and you will have a grateful mind and heart. This will make you feel happy and you will no more be upset.

3.Befriend Optimistic People:

The people you move around with really matters in deciding your mood and your thought. There are many negative people around you. Try to stay away from them. Such people always bring down others by their negative attitude. Choose a group of people who are optimistic. Such people think positive and accompanying them will help you get rid of the negative thoughts.


Some more tips:

  • If you experience a failure, consider it as a learning experience and try to do better in future.
  • Always be kind and helpful to others. Making others happy will make you feel happy too.
  • Trust in God. If He brings you to a situation, He will surely take you out of it.
  • Eat healthy and exercise regularly.

It has been found out that being optimistic improves the mental heath, reduces physical complaints and gives you a longer happier life. Optimistic people have a strong will power and good immune system. Negative thinking spoils the brain and damages the physical health too consequently resulting in shorter life span. If you think healthy you will live healthy and healthy thinking is always positive thinking.


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