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5 Tips That Help You To Be Grateful


Gratitude is magical virtue. It gives an individual the capability to enjoy every single moment of life. Research has shown that happiness and contentment can be achieved by being grateful. However in today’s world, most of us are surrounded by frustrations and disappointments.  With all the negativity prevailing in this time of ours, there is still a hope; a hope in the form of gratitude. It is said that if you want to attain everlasting happiness, then try to be more grateful. Here are some tips that would surely help you to be grateful:


1. Appreciate Your Efforts:

Set your goals and work hard to achieve your targets. You may not always be successful in your efforts. Remember, every successful person was once a loser. Don’t let ifs and buts surround you. Learn to appreciate yourself and move on.

2. Admit Imperfections:

You need to realize that nothing is perfect. Not even you! Admitting imperfections would make it easier for you to move forward. Feel thankful for whoever you are, and whatever you have.

“We are all wonderful, beautiful wrecks. That’s what connects us–that we’re all broken, all beautifully imperfect.” ― Emilio Estevez

3. Don’t compare your life with others:

Ungratefulness is mainly attributed to the habit of comparing your life with someone else’s. Ask yourself, “What is the point in comparing my weaknesses with the strengths of other people? And why should I consider them lucky, and not myself?” This optimistic approach will help you focus on your own achievements. Once you stop comparison, your will start living your life with a heart full of gratitude.

4. Organize Your Thoughts:

You don’t have the power to control the world. However, you have the full authority of organizing your own thoughts. To have a grateful mind and heart, you need to identify the good in everything. A consistent and conscious effort is needed to control the negative junk entering into your mind. Once you are able to sort out the bad thoughts and wash them out of your mind, you will automatically feel more grateful.

 5. Understand the Importance of Words:

Words play an important role in building a positive attitude towards life. Surround yourself with the words of wisdom and inspirational quotes. Eliminate the words which build up ungrateful attitude.  This will help develop a sense of gratefulness.


I’d like to end up by saying that it is the trait of thankfulness that opens up your eyes to see infinite blessings that continually surround you. May you have a nice and grateful day!


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  • Carol Gordon Ekster

    All great suggestions. And if you’re a parent or grandparent of young ones, please share my newly released picture book, Before I Sleep: I Say Thank You, Pauline Books and Media, January 1, 2015, that helps families develop a nightly routine of gratitude. I truly believe if everyone practiced daily gratitude the world would be a sweeter place to live in!