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5 Ways to Feel Content With Your Life and What You Have


Right now, you may be feeling like some things in your life just aren’t right, and could be so much better. You may feel like you aren’t satisfied with your life.

It isn’t always necessary that you change your life in order to be happy. Instead, you should change yourself. The change needs to be made in your mindset. So, here are five ways you can adopt to feel better about your life the way it is.


1. Lock Away Your Regrets:

Pent up regret acts like a boulder tied to a person’s foot; it keeps dragging him down and holding him back, drowning him in an ocean of his own past. If you only ever think about what has happened instead of what is happening, you will never be happy.

In order to feel content with your life, all your worries of the future and pain of the past needs to be locked in a box and its key thrown far away. Instead of sulking over missed chances, focus on the present and make use of the opportunities you have right now.

2. Learn to Appreciate:

Instead of noticing the things you don’t have, make a mental list of things that you do. Not just the big things, like the car you finally bought, or that promotion you got at your office. You should notice and learn to appreciate the little things around you that don’t seem that important.

Let the sunshine brighten your day instead of giving you a sunburn. Let that cool breeze give you a feeling of contentment. Notice how much your pet loves you. Be thankful for the air you breathe and the food you eat. You can surely find few things in life that you are thankful for.

3. Give Yourself Time:

At the end of the day, prepare yourself a hot bath or lay down in your bed and take a few moments to reflect and think. Get rid of negative motions by discarding them as they are not important enough to be dwelt upon.

Take that time to think of all the good things that happened to you that day and let a smile appear. Maybe it was that amazing coffee you had, or the smile a passing by child gave you or maybe it was that email from your friend; it’s the little things that tend to make your day.

4. Set Goals:

Sometimes to give your life direction, you need a passion that can drive you. Set little goals for yourself if you feel tired of your routine. Start making little goals for yourself, like reducing your coffee intake to four days a week. Or replacing the weekend of clubbing to evenings at the gym.

Knowing you’ve succeeded in your aim will help you to appreciate and enjoy life.

5. Love Yourself:

Loving your life has a lot to do with loving yourself. Even if everything is perfect, you may still feel depressed if you are not happy with your image. Stop comparing yourself to others and remove this idea of perfection from your mind. Movie stars, cover girls- they should not be your perception of beauty. You are perfect when you feel comfortable in your own skin. You simply need to tell yourself. ‘I am perfect the way I am. Life is perfect the way it is.’

Making these simple changes in your perception and attitude can bring about a huge change in the way you view life. Be grateful for what you have and appreciate the beautiful things around you, as there are many who would give anything to be in your shoes.


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