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6 Essential Tips to Help Children Develop Habit of Reading


“There are many little ways to enlarge your child’s world, and the love of books is the best of all.” Jacquellie Kennedy

Books give life to everything. As a parent, the best gift that you can give your child is the habit of reading good books. It can help your child in a number of ways. There is nothing like getting busy with a fantastic book and escaping into a totally different world. This is how a child opens up his mind and learns to improve his imagination. However, with the advent of technology, it has become quite challenging for the parents to instill love of books in their children. Here are a few tips that will help you cultivate love of reading in your children.


1- Read Yourself:

Remember, the love of reading needs to be instilled gradually. You can make your child get into the habit of reading by setting yourself as an example. Children see and children do. Let them watch you spend your spare time while enjoying reading books. They would follow you by reading and learning to enjoy it.


2- Read to Them:

Sometimes young kids don’t want to read because they feel too shy. So, as a first step, take out some time and read to them. Read one sentence and tell them to repeat. This strategy will be helpful to motivate your kids to read by themselves.


3- Establish a Home Library:

A library is a place that helps a child experience love of books. Hunt for some good reading material, including colorful magazines and books that match your child’s interests. This home library would certainly attract your child.


4- Visit Libraries and Bookstores:

Make visits to local libraries and bookstores. Let your child explore different books. Kids find such visits quite thrilling and adventurous. You will see your kids lost into a world of books. This would automatically boost up your child’s interest to read.


5- Choose an Appropriate Book:

Make sure that you choose an interesting book to read to your child. Your kid would enjoy listening to a book that matches his interest as well as comprehension level. For grown up kids, I would suggest to allow them to choose the book they want to read. This will increase their confidence level and they would feel more excited.


6- Make it Fun:

Children love to have fun. Help them develop the habit of reading by adding some entertainment. It can be in the form of learning games like scrabble. Technology is yet another means to facilitate your child. There are some very good websites that help kids develop reading skills.


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