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6 Tips That Will Really Help You Quit Complaining


“Complaining not only ruins everybody else’s day, it ruins the complainer’s day, too. The more we complain, the more unhappy we get.”
-Dennis Prager

We all complain, and we do it all day long. We complain to our spouse, our family and sometimes to strangers. Mostly, it is done for the purpose of relieving our own soul and getting things off our chest. But does this bring about any change? NO. And when complaining becomes a habit, it ruins everything. Tough situations become tougher and relationships suffer a lot. We all need to stop complaining to live a happier life. It is not difficult to quit this habit, just follow these 6 simple tips:

we-can-complain-because-rose-bushes-have-thorns-or-rejoice-because-thorn-bushes-have-roses-quote-Abraham-Lincoln-quote1. See Positive in Negative Situations:

Negative thoughts make us complain more. This deteriorates mental and physical health. All you have to do is to make efforts to see positive in negative situations. Surround yourself with positive people. This will be helpful in learning how to shun the habit of interpreting situations negatively. Looking at the brighter side makes you a happy person. It gives the ability to identify good in everything and eventually makes you get rid of your complaining attitude. (Read more:  3 Simple Tips to Stay Positive in Negative Situations)

2. Be your Judge:

Instead of judging others, try hard to be a judge for your own thoughts and actions. Keep a record of how much you complain in a day. Figure out what is irritating you and making you ungrateful. Is it your school/college grades, or the behavior of your spouse or is it something at your workplace? Make a list and think of the possible solutions. You can work hard to improve your performance, you can be more loving to your spouse and your efforts can make you successful. However, realize that you cannot control each and everything. Let things go the way they are. Learn to take pleasure in every moment.

3. Quit Perfectionism:

If you are a perfectionist, then you are never going to be happy. Perfectionism will keep on driving you to make attempts to reach ideal goals. All you need to know is that there is nothing IDEAL in this REAL world. So try to be realistic. Remind yourself that it is quite normal not to be perfect. You will encounter failure and pain. Just learn to face odd situations positively.

“Strive for continuous improvement, instead of perfection”. -Kim Collins

4. Don’t Expect Too Much:

Sometimes we expect too much from the people around us. This is one of the main reasons of our troubles. When someone fails to behave the way we thought, we start complaining. The best way to attain contentment is to stop expecting too much.

5. Be Grateful:

Every person has his own way of looking at situations. An ungrateful person would always complain. Be grateful for the blessings that surround you and you will feel a change within yourself. (Read more: 5 Tips that Help You to be Grateful)

6. Control your Anger:

A hot-tempered person is sure to have a complaining attitude. Take some practical steps to control your anger before it controls you. Anger management tips help you to deal with this emotion in a positive way.

Don’t Blame Others For Your Failure

The responsibility of your failure lies only with  you. No other person can be blamed for it. It’s you and only you who has to set goals and then take actions in proper direction. Take decisions and accept the results without complaining and without putting blame on others. Learn and let go. =)


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