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9 Famous Inspirational Failure to Success Stories [Infographic]


Do you have a dream that doesn’t come alive just because you’re too scared to do something to make it happen? Scared to fail and make a fool of yourself? Well, the famous guys from the Essay Tigers infographic below failed again and again before they’d achieved their goals.


Did Stephen King give up the attempts to get his novel published? No, countless rejections pinned to his wall showed that he had tried and tried untill finally one publishing house agreed to publish “Carrie”.

The Beatles were told there was no future for them in the music business. Did they let go of their dream? No, and soon the band managed to get a deal with EMI and made the first step to their worldwide success.

Being able to accept failures, process and analyze them is a valuable life skill. Learning from mistakes leads to a smoother road towards the goals. Having experienced a setback, give yourself some time to heal and analyze the situation, then move on with renewed strength. Failing will only make you stronger.

Modern physics is based on the learnings of Albert Einstein. Little did his teachers know when they expelled him from high school.

Believe in yourself, believe in your dream, work hard, and don’t let setbacks get you down. You’ll succeed just like the guys from the infographic below



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