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Buy ad-space on Who can buy ad-space? Small business owners, internet entrepreneurs, marketing professionals, bloggers, website owners etc. You can buy ad space to promote book, blog, post, article, website or get more traffic & exposure .
This website is based on News/Media, Motivation/Inspiration, Positivity, Success Stories, Parenting, Happy life and Relationship. If you target an audience interested in any of above or related topics then we hope you will get better results.


Traffic: 2,500-8,000 Page views per month
Top Audience:
1. United States
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4. United Kingdom
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6. Philippines
7. Australia


>We don’t provide tracking code. Therefore, you will have to use your own tracking code.
>There is no refund!
>We are not responsible if your ad is not getting clicks or if your ad is not generating leads
>JavaScript ad code is not accepted. Provide an image(banner) and the url to target.
>We don’t accept fraudulent  websites
>Banner must be of good quality & decent. Better if it has only Text/Graphic.
>We have the right to not sell an ad-space. If your ad is not accepted by us(because of any reason). We won’t contact you back. If it is accepted we will leave back an email of confirmation and provide instructions to make payment via PayPal.

Campaign Packages:

1. Top Sidebar(300×250-SideBar-Top):

Ad will be placed on all pages of website including homepage on the Right sidebar under sponsored label on top position

  • Order a Campaign for 7 Days $10 USD
  • Order a Campaign for 1 month $30 USD (Save $12.8)



2.Bottom Sidebar(300×250-SideBar-Bottom):

Ad will be placed on all pages of website including homepage On the Right sidebar under sponsored label on bottom position

  • Order a campaign for 7 Days $8 USD
  • Order a Campaign for 1 Month $15 USD (Save $20)



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