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Anger and Adverse Effects of Anger on Health & Relationships


What Is Anger:

Anger is a basic human emotion and every human being possesses this emotion. It makes us stand up for ourselves. It releases the pressure built inside us and is significant to deal certain situations and to move on. But anger if mismanaged and not dealt in a proper way can adversely affect us, our health and our relationships. It can be as little as feeling irritated or shouting to as large as having deadly consequences.


Factors Influencing Anger:

Our feelings are influenced by many things. Anger too, like other emotions depends upon some factors:

  • Surroundings and the environment around us.
  • Cultural and family background.
  • Upbringing and past experiences.
  • Our perception and the way we look at things.
  • Gender; men are found to be give more impulsive and aggressive response while women usually suppress their anger.
  • Our psychological health.
  • Eating and drinking habits

Effects of Anger on Health:

According to research by National Forum Journal Of Counseling And Addiction (1) and Journal Of Medicine And Life (2) anger is significantly associated with health risks.

Increases Heart Beat:

Heart beats 80 times per minute on an average but in the state of anger it can rise as high as 180 beats per minute.

Increases Blood Pressure:

An average blood pressure of 80/120 can rise very high.

Angina or Heart Attack:

When a person gets angry, his body releases chemicals that cause blood clotting. This blood clot if occurs in a coronary artery can cause angina or heart attack. A person with angina can feel better after taking medicine but heart attack is fatal.

Chest Pain:

Anger can also cause damage to heart muscles which is followed by chest pain.


If blood supply to the brain gets interrupted it results in stroke.


Anger causes head aches, migraine.


A person who gets angry constantly spends sleepless nights because of stress and can become a patient of insomnia.

Increases body weight:

Staying angry causes stress which gives rise to excessive eating, slows down metabolism and in turn results in weight gain.

Effects of anger on relationships:

In close relationships, people are aware of the interests, short comings and habits of each other. Since more time is spent with each other, chances of clashes and arguments are more. It is quite natural to get angry at something unfair but if one of the partners gets angry frequently or unexpectedly, life becomes very uncomfortable for both. Eventually the relationship suffers a lot. Anger should not be allowed to prevail for long duration. Confusions and conflicts should be solved as they come in the mind instead of letting them grow.


Mismanaged anger leads to the above stated adversities. If managed well it can help us make positive changes in our life.
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