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Be Positive and You will Feel Blessed



A writer, sitting at the table in his study room, picked up a pen and paper and started writing:

  • This year, I went through gall bladder surgery and got it removed. Due to surgery in this old age, I had to remain in bed for many weeks.
  • The same year I turned 60 and I had to retire from my favorite and most important job. I had spent 30 precious years of my life with this newspaper agency.
  • This year I had to bear the unbearable loss of my father’s death.
  • This year my son failed his medical exam. The reason being his car accident due to which he got injured and had to spend 3 months at home. The car was destroyed too… that’s yet another damage.

At the end he wrote:
Oh what a terrible year it was…!!!

The man’s wife entered the room and saw her husband drowned in his thoughts. Standing behind his chair, she read everything he had written. He did not feel the presence of his wife and she left the room silently. After sometime she came back with a piece of paper and placed it right beside the paper on which the man wrote. He started reading the paper which said:

  • This year finally I got rid of my gall bladder pain which was hurting me for so many years.
  • I turned 60 in good health and after so many years of hard work, I finally got retired from my job. Now I can take rest and spend the rest of my life giving full concentration to my passion; writing.
  • This year my father completed his 85 years of life and left this world without any sickness and without being dependant on any one.
  • The same year my son got blessed with a new life. The horrible accident that completely destroyed the car could have left my son disabled for life but he was miraculously saved.

In the end the author’s wife completed the script by writing
Wow! What a blessed year it was…!!!

Conclusion: Be Positive

It all depends upon us how we interpret things. There is a positive side to everything. It just takes a positive mind to see it. The way we think has a great impact on our lives. We have the authority of moulding our thoughts into positives or negatives.


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