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Daily Fact: Astolat Castle; Most Valuable Dollhouse



The Astolat Castle was built in a duration of 13 years between 1974 and 1987 by miniaturist Elaine Diehl with the support of artisans from around the globe. It is 9 feet high and weighs 800 pounds. There are 29 rooms, 7 levels, hallways, stairways, basement, and armory. The house is well decorated with fine rugs, gold and silver jewelry, oil paintings, books, fine rugs, eloquent furniture. There are about 30,000 miniatures pieces in the Astolat Castle collection but only 10,000 of them are displayed at any one time.

It is on public display at the Shops of Columbus Circle at Manhattan’s Time Warner Center since 12th November, 2015 and the display will continue till 8th December, 2015. There are no charges, and the entry to display centre is free, only voluntary donations are appreciated that will benefit children’s charities.


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