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Are you destroying your child’s self esteem ?


Self-esteem is the evaluation of a person about himself/ herself. It can be a positive assessment or a negative one. Parents play a vital role in building up or destroying their child’s self-esteem. Children who grow up with a positive self-esteem are more likely to cope up easily with the obstacles in life. They spend a confident and happy life. The factors that contribute to a low self-esteem include comparison, constant admonishment over mistakes and ignorance.


1. Comparison:

If you want to boost up your child’s self-esteem, then never compare him with other children. Every child is different, and each one is beautiful in his own ways. Motivate your child by admiring his achievements. And don’t let him down by comparing his looks, results, habits or attitudes with other kids.

2. Admonishment over mistakes:

Children subjected to constant admonishment over mistakes are more vulnerable to suffer from low self-esteemed feelings. It is important to realize that mistakes are a part of life. The way we respond to mistakes decides whether our children learn from them or will that mistake haunt them forever. The open choice rests with the parents.

3. Ignorance:

Some parents are found guilty of ignoring their children. This is something very dangerous. I admit that life is really busy and every one of us finds hard to get a little “me time”. However, if we want our children to be confident and capable, we will have to spare some time for them. Ignorance makes children feel they are unimportant. To boost up a child’s self esteem, give him time by helping with his homework, playing and reading books with him.


As parents, we wish to see our children grow with a positive self-image. By avoiding the above mentioned deadly mistakes, we can help our kids a lot. Self esteem, which is a combination of self-confidence and self-respect, needs to be nurtured in kids in such a way that they grow up as positive contributors towards society.


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Sara, Moderator of Lift Up Ideas, Mother of 3 & Electrical Engineer.



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