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“Earth Enters Sixth Mass Extinction Phase”- US Study Report



After the disappearance of dinosaurs around 65 million years ago, the earth is once again entering into the mass extinction phase. And this time, humans are also at a risk of being extinct! According to the study conducted by experts at the University of California, Princeton University and the Stanford University, it has been reported that ,“We are now entering the sixth great mass extinction event.”


It is alarming to note that the animals are disappearing about 114 times faster than they used to. With a past rate of two mammal extinctions per 10,000 species per 100 years, the Average rate of vertebrate species loss over the last century is up to 114 times higher than it would be without human activity, even when relying on the most conservative estimates of species extinction, indicates the study.

According to the report published, more than 400 vertebrates have disappeared since 1900 and this kind of loss can normally be seen over a period of 10,000 years. Gerardo Ceballos- one of the lead authors- warns in the report, “If it is allowed to continue, life would take many millions of years to recover and our species itself would likely disappear early on.”

The causes of extinction, as published in the Science Advances Journal, are cited to be climate change, deforestation and pollution. The study concludes by calling for,

“Rapid, greatly intensified efforts to conserve already threatened species, and to alleviate pressures on their populations — notably habitat loss, over-exploitation for economic gain and climate change.”


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