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Is Ego Good Or Bad?


Ego is a person’s sense of self-respect or self-esteem. There are two views about ego. The mediators say that dissolving of the ego is essential to attain happiness and spirituality. The other view is that ego should be embraced and honored. This is because there are two ways that ego appears; as the positive ego or the negative ego.

The Positive Ego:

Ego is something that makes you feel good about you, to stand by your values, to set personal boundaries. Believing in yourself is essential to progress in life. No one will believe in you unless you believe in yourself. If you totally destroy your ego you will be nobody. Of course no one wants to be a doormat. As such ego is an essential for a human being. The target is to have a high opinion about yourself as well as a high opinion about others

“The ultimate goal of ego is not to see something but to be something.” Muhammad Iqbal

But when ego takes over, it’s time to give it a break and nip it in the bud.

The Negative Ego:

Negative ego is the part of us that provokes us to differentiate between ourselves and others. When you believe that your car, your personality, your job becomes “better than” others. When you achieve something that makes you feel yourself as a top guy. When you are not willing to listen to opposing views. When your voice becomes high and you yell at others just because your ego reminds you that others are worthless.

This is where you need to control your ego. Remember that if you achieved something, there were people around you who supported you to achieve the target; your group members who helped you, your family members who supported you. They are worthy of the praise and adulation.

If you had a fight with someone and a third person is trying to point your mistake out but you are not willing to agree with him. Here, you are trying to defend your bad ego on discovering the opposing view. Only a strong person can listen to the opposing comments and a stronger person can admit his mistake. Letting go off your ego and being humble is such situations is superior.

“To walk around with ego is a bad thing. To have confidence in your self is a great thing.” Fred Durst

To Finally Conclude:

A well- lived life is a balanced life. So ego should not be eliminated altogether. Rather it should be cultivated in such a way that it not only raises your self- importance but also makes you a positive person for the society. Ego can be called as “my own small self”. You have to go beyond ego, your own small self, to discover your true self.



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