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Fact: German Wedding Tradition- Polterabend Where Guests Break Things



The Polterabend is a custom in German weddings which is held a day before the wedding or sometimes it may be held a week earlier. It usually takes place in front of the house of the bride/ bride’s parents. After the foods and drinks are served, the guests break things that make lot of noise like plates, flowerpots, stoneware, tiles, sinks or even toilet bowls. Glasses and mirrors are forbidden as a broken mirror is considered as bad luck for seven years. The more interesting part of the party is that the cleaning of the shard is done by the bride and groom together. It is supposed to prepare the couple to work together with each other through the difficult situations in life. The belief of this custom comes from the Greek expression Scherben bringen Glück meaning “Shards bring luck”

Video Of Polterabend Tradition:


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