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Feeling Exhausted? 8 Habits that Drain Energy


Do you feel worn out? Once you used to be so strong, energetic and lively but now even a little odd situation upsets you a lot. You start feeling so overwhelmed. Have you tried to search out for the reasons? Are you unable to figure out what is draining your energy? Here is the list of some habits that drain energy :

1. Drinking Less Water:

If you feel exhausted after doing a little work, it certainly means you are drinking less water. Our body needs multiple glasses of water per day, but unfortunately most of us choose to live in a dehydrated state all day long. Drink more water over the course of a day. It is a very easy as well as economical way to boost up energy levels.

2. Excessive Use of Mobile Phones:

Yes! I hope most of you are going to agree with me on this point. We are wasting a lot of energy by becoming a slave to technology. There is no harm in using cell phones to stay in touch with friends and family, but the excessive use is hazardous. Recent studies show that cell phones carry germs and pose hazard to eyes. The time that can be spent to recharge ourselves by taking rest goes wasted with the mobiles. Once the body is unable to get sufficient amount of energy, we start feeling exhausted.Source: Health Risks of using mobile phones

 3. Unhealthy Eating Habits:

Eating habits play a vital role in energizing or de-energizing your body. If you are in a habit of not having breakfast, or you are living mostly on junk food and love to use caffeine and so-called energy drinks; then believe me; this is precisely what is making you feel deprived of energy.  But don’t worry; you can re-energize yourself by changing your daily routine. Make fruits, vegetables and good carbs a part of your daily diet. You are going to feel a positive change within yourself in a few days.

4. Less Sleep:

Lack of sleep affects your body in a horrible way. It is the biggest factor responsible for draining your energy. Poor sleep not only makes you experience fatigue and lack of concentration; in fact studies show that it also puts you at the medical risks like high blood pressure, diabetes, heart problems and obesity.
So what should you do? Remember the old phrase “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy wealthy and wise”? Just follow this rule. Start by forcing yourself to go to bed a little earlier. If that doesn’t work, and you are unable to sleep because your body clock is tuned to waking up late till night, just force yourself to wake up early in the morning. Use multiple alarms, or take some friend’s help. Though you are going to have a drowsy day, but in the end, you will feel more comfortable in sleeping a bit earlier at night. With a little effort you can bring yourself into a routine of early to bed and early to rise.

5. Too Many Worries:

Don’t waste yourself by worrying too much. It is the most toxic habit that ruins your happiness and turns you into a depressed person. Concentrate on whatever is worrying you. Is it your grades? Or is it your assignment at job? Ask yourself, “What am I going to change by just worrying?” Take some practical steps and work hard to get everything done. Your energy is worth doing something positive; so get up and get it done today!

6. Discussing Problems and Complaining:

If you are in the habit of complaining and talking about your problems a lot, it means you are in a deep trouble. You are wasting your time as well as energy. Discussing problems with everyone everywhere makes you an ungrateful and unhappy person. It is nothing but mere wastage of your positive energy. What good would complaining bring you? No one has ever been able to solve problems by just complaining. If you want to spend a happy and energetic life; try to be less judgmental and more grateful and shun the habit of complaining.

7. People-pleasing habit:

If you are a people-pleaser, you are unknowingly depleting your energy every single day. Many people are unaware of the serious risks involved with this habit. You make yourself sick by getting over-burdened and overcommitted. Anxiety and depression surround such people because pleasing everyone puts too much stress and pressure. Set boundaries for yourself and learn to say NO if you don’t find yourself at ease in doing someone a favor. It will help you regain your energy.


8. Uncontrolled Anger:

As long as anger is under-control and handled positively, it is something normal. But mostly, people find it difficult to handle their anger and express it in a destructive way. This includes shouting, being offensive and even throwing and breaking things. It drains your energy and negatively affects your health.  You need to control your anger before it controls you. A constant conscious effort is needed to manage your anger. Once you are able to control your rage, you will start feeling more energetic. (Read more: ARE YOU A HOT-TEMPERED PERSON? SOME USEFUL TIPS FOR ANGER MANAGEMENT).


Don’t wait for tomorrow, start working to improve your energy levels from today. Continued fatigue weakens the immune system of your body and eventually results in severe illness and depression. I believe, simple and natural way of living can help you combat fatigue and boost up your energy levels. Can you suggest anything further to improve this list? You are most welcome in the comments section below 🙂


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