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FORGIVENESS: Why Should You Forgive Others


Forgiveness is something that seems really hard to do. You do not want to forgive a person because you had been badly hurt and because you are still angry at him. Even when the anger vanishes, you still want to stay bitter. But in fact resentment is something which makes you restless while forgiveness brings peace and tranquility. Here are some motivational points that will inspire you to forgive others. Read through them and you will surely agree with me.

  • Forgiveness Is the Quality of Strong People

Only strong people have the power to forgive whereas weak people lack this quality. It requires great courage to forgive the wrong done by any one. You are a really strong person if you forgive someone even when that person does not apologize to you for his wrong.

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    Forgiveness Gives Peace of Mind

Resentment is self torture. It makes you restless inside. The poison of resentment destroys your peace of mind.  When you forgive someone from the depth of your heart, it creates space and lets new people and experience in.

  • Forgiveness Is a Medicine of Heart

An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth, this used to be my rule. I would always take revenge equal to the harm given to me. If I could not do so, at least I would not forgive. Why should they get freedom without paying for my pain? But I realized it later that forgiveness is a medicine of our own heart. Since then I forgive everyone even if that person does not apologize and I feel very relaxed and contented.

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    You Need Forgiveness Too

We are all humans and humans are bound to make mistakes. We all make mistakes and hurt others. What if we did something wrong to someone close to us, realize our mistake and ask for forgiveness but that person does not forgive us. We will be really hurt and disappointed for not being listened. We would wish for his heart to soften for us. It would be a really hard time for us to plead that person to forgive us. When we can’t stand resentment of others for our-self then why should we be harsh and un-forgiving towards others??

  • Forgive and Let Go

Do you find any peaceful and happy person around you? I know a man who is 80 years old and is a source of inspiration for me. He is very calm and peaceful and was the same when he was young. When I asked him the secret of his serenity, he said “letting go of things and forgiving others” Either you can dwell on the past pain or forgive and move on. The choice rests with you.

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    Life Is Too Short To Hold Grudges

Time goes by faster than you can imagine. Ask your parents and they will tell you how the days flew by and you turned from a baby into a young person. Years will pass on and you will realize that you have reached old age so early. Yes, life is really short. Love the people who are good with you and forgive those who do wrong. May be that person leaves this world early and then you regret of your resentment. It would be too late then. The earlier you do it, the easier it is. The poison of not forgiving others will continuously torture you and ruin your health and life.

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    Forgive and Forget

forgive_forget_let_go_move_onSome people are of the opinion that forgiving is not forgetting. But my opinion is how can you forgive someone but not forget it? If you want to remember the bad, you can never forgive from the depth of your heart. If anger or resentment lingers in your sub conscious mind, it would be a formal forgiveness and not a true one. Forgive like you want to be forgiven. Not just to pretend.

forgiveness-best-form-of-love-strong-person-to-say-sorry-stronger-forgiveDo share your thoughts and experiences in comment section below =)


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  • Sanchit Khera

    Forgiveness also lets you become more wise