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Google Now Introduces “ Undo Send ” Feature For Gmail



Consider the following scenario:

You are composing an urgent email containing some very personal information. As soon as you are done with it, you hit the send button. But oops!! Something went wrong. YOU ENTERED THE WRONG EMAIL ADDRESS.

You wish there had been some way to undo this mistake.

So, here is the good news for all the Gmail users. The long awaited “ undo send ” option has been introduced. It helps you un-send an email within a few seconds after you press the send button. But you need to understand that this option does not delete an email that has already reached the recipient. It just gives you a brief time period to take decision whether you really want to send the email or not?

This amazing option was introduced by Google for the first time in March 2009. However, it was placed in the Labs section of Gmail. After 6 years of testing, this feature has now been officially added to the Gmail’s setting.

How to Enable Undo Send feature on Gmail ?

Head on to the General tab in the settings area and tick the “Enable Undo Send ” checkbox. This will enable the “ Undo Send ” feature to work. You can set the duration of holding the email (from 5 seconds to 30 seconds) before it is being sent.


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