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Happiness – According to a Billionaire Jack Ma



It is true that money can buy everything but the bigger truth is that money cannot buy you everything specially peace of mind and happiness can never be bought with money. This truth has been admitted and expressed by one of the richest man of China, Jack Ma.

Jack Ma is the founder and executive chairman of the famous Ali Baba group of companies and according to an estimate he owns more than 25 billion dollars. While speaking at a ceremony on 9th June at The Economic Club of New York, he said that today he is the owner of a billion dollars but he was much happier when he used to work hard to earn only 10 dollars. He told that after completing his education in 1988 when he started his first job, his pay was $10 and he used to think that he would work harder to earn more for the next few months because he wanted to buy a bicycle. Now that he owns so much money, he does not have time to spend the money. Jack said that when he used to get $10 he was well aware of his necessities and he would spend the amount sensibly to meet the needs of his family. He would spend happy moments with his family and friends. He told that now although he owns large amount of money but his mind is all the time occupied with worries. He says that it is the society that relied upon him and raised him to such a position. “It’s the trust of people on you because the people believe, Jack, you can manage the money better than others. I think that the money I have got today is a responsibility and the trust of people on me”. He said that when you are the owner of more than $1 billion then the whole amount does not belong to you only, and instead of becoming a source of happiness it becomes a great responsibility.

Such truly faithful people are very rare to find these days who are more concerned about their people and society instead of piling up the money for themselves. We get to learn from Jack’s experience that happiness can be achieved without being financially stable. If you earn a living that lets you spend moments of peace and serenity with your family then you should consider yourself lucky and admirable.


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