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How to Raise a Confident Child? Some Helpful Tips



Carl Pickhardt is a famous psychologist who has great expertise in the field of parenting. Having four children and one grandchild, Pickhardt has got a vast experience in counseling and has written 15 parenting books which provide excellent guidelines for inculcating confidence in children. Here, we have summarized 5 most important aspects that we, as parents, must consider in order to help our children grow with the strength and confidence that can eventually take them to the heights of success in the years to come.

1- Put Aside Your Expectations:

Usually, parents are guilty of raising their expectations to high levels which eventually leads to lower self-esteem and lack of confidence in children. Never expect your child to do things as per your hopes and beliefs. When a child is given free hand, he gets enough courage to perform in a natural way and thus strives to do everything at its best.

2- Encourage Them:

Pickhardt emphasizes on encouraging children practice their interest. Let your child do whatever appeals him. Once you give your child the required encouragement, he is sure to improve and excel. Child prodigies indicate how some kids turn out to be successful in the most modern fields of arts, science and technology when they are given a chance to practice their interest . Tanishq Matthew Abraham, Priyanshi Somani, March Tian Boedihardjo, Jacob Barnett and Baber Iqbal are just a few names to mention.


3- Let Them Struggle:

Do not spoon-feed your children. It is good to remain by their side, but helping them to the extent which makes them totally depend on parents is really harmful. It stops their confidence development and the child’s ability to struggle gets damaged. According to Pickhardt, parental help can stop the build-up of confidence as it develops as a result of self-help. It’s OK if they get lesser grades in exams as long as they are struggling on their own. Higher grades, which are a result of parents’ efforts only, are going to have adverse affects on child’s future.

4- Answer Their Questions:

“There are no foolish questions, and no man becomes a fool until he has stopped asking questions.”
-Charles Proteus Steinmetz

Let your child ask questions and try your level best to answer them without getting annoyed. Don’t kill their curiosity as it assists them learn and gain knowledge.

5- Give Them Goals:

Parents can help their children build confidence by giving them certain easy goals according to their age- e.g, writing a story or riding a bicycle. Once done with their responsibilities, your children are certainly going to have a sense of accomplishment which will further nurture their confidence.


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