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Interesting Question and Answer Session with Mark Zuckerberg (CEO Facebook)



On April 14,2015 Mark Zuckerberg (Computer Programmer,CEO of Facebook) Posted on his Facebook profile that he will be answering to your questions in comments. He Asked the followers to participate in it. There were alot of interesting questions and answers. I will share few of them with you.

For the next hour, I’ll be answering your questions here on Facebook about whatever is  on your mind.-Mark Zuckerberg April 14,2015

How Many Hours Mark Zuckerberg works a day?

You may be thinking he is a young guy and a billionaire. He won’t be working much? A big no!!

Mark Works 50-60 hours a week.

mark-zukerberg-success-and-work-schedule-how-much-mark-worksWhat is the secret to success?

Don’t Give up.

what-is-secret-to-success-facebook-mark-zuckerberg-question-answersDoes Facebook hinders face to face communication skills?

No, Facebook helps people to communicate with people who are not directly around them.

Does-facebook-causes-miscommunication-and-gap-harms-of-facebookMay i have a Job at facebook ?

Mark replied the link

You may try your luck  😉

How much bandwidth is required to keep facebook operational?

Mark said Many Terabits per second Bandwidth and many hundreds of servers!

What does Mark reads?

Mark Read both fiction and non-fiction but he reads non-fiction more as compared to fiction

what-does-mark-zuckerberg-reads-fiction-vs-non-fictionWhen we can transfer Money with facebook?

Facebook recently introduced new service in which you can transfer money to friends . On this Question Mark Replied



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