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Life Changing Inspirational Story of a Blind Man (VIDEO)


Mr Zahid a newspaper seller from Karachi, Pakistan is a person with a disability.He shares his inspirational story. Instead of loosing faith he is fighting blindness with integrity. There is a lesson and hope in this video for us. Lets get inspired!

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“I am blind by birth. My parents had an arranged marriage. They got divorced. My father also got married. My Mother was also young, So she also got married.This was a turning point in my life. I decided i will do something in my life. While i was looking for a job at different factories. People would give me five or ten rupees. I would throw that money back to their faces. I would get angry & fight with people. Such things used to hurt me.i had learnt this thing from school. I should not beg. I should not give up. I had to do something. Build your own paradise if you can. The fire of hell is better than a begged heaven. When you take something from someone(for free) once. You would want it again. For example when someone buys a newspaper worth PKR 18 and gives me PKR 20 i return him two rupees. People ask me why do i do this ? and i say that i sell 200 newspapers a day. If i take extra two Rupees on one paper then i would want that two rupees from every paper i sell.

When a man becomes greedy, nothing can help him. I took admission in Bachelors in Arts but i couldn’t complete it. Then i got acquainted with this field(selling newspapers). Now people know me. Now they don’t give me anything(as charity). If a stranger wants to give me something, i can’t see him, but others stop him and tell him i am not a beggar. If you have any tragedy in life, don’t make things worse by crying over it. Don’t ruin your life by crying over what happened. Move forward and learn to face the challenges of life. He is not a man who gets afraid of difficult situation. The situation in which it is difficult to live is the situation to live.”


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(Inspirational Video!) Blind Man has serious motivation even thou life is tough

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