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Little Things that make Today a Great Day


Sometimes you wake up in the morning with a disturbing mood. It might be due to something that happened yesterday or because of your worries for tomorrow. Whatever the reason be, these distressing feelings just ruin your entire day. However, you can turn over the day and can make today a great day by doing these little things:


1. Set a Goal for Today:

Goal, here, does not refer to the house chores you have to perform today or the tasks at your workplace. Rather, it is the objective that will eventually let you fulfill all other responsibilities very smoothly. This simple yet efficient goal towards achieving a great day is: saying in your heart that “I will be happy today” and then meaning it. To a person in deep distress, this might seem difficult but to start with a great day, you have to realize that it is the most essential step.

2. Don’t Complain:

There must be many things that annoy you. Everything does not go as you planned to be but there is no reason to say that your life is terrible. You might have been through difficult circumstances but that does not give you the right to keep on complaining. Let those challenges make you strong. Complaining will only ruin your day and make you feel worse. Realize the fact that you are really lucky to live the life you have. Be satisfied and contented with what you have. And this does not mean to stop making any further efforts. Keep working hard. Let your dreams come true, but simply without complaining. There are certain things that you can’t change and that will remain a part of your life, don’t complain about that.

3. Count the Blessings:

There are many things going wrong around you. While you cannot ignore the bad and the mistakes, you should not overlook the good either. There are lot many things that you can and you should be thankful for. Your house whether big or small (at least you have one), your family and friends, the food you eat, the clothes you wear. You should even be grateful for the body parts that you have been blessed. Can you imagine how your world would be if you had not been granted the sense of sight, or how you would have felt if you didn’t have the capability to move? We have numerous blessings for which we should be grateful. Appreciate your life and each day will be a great day.

4. Go for a Walk at Dawn or Dusk:

Going for a walk, especially at dawn or dusk, will help you feel light and lift up your mood. Even if it is a brisk walk, the stress and anxiety will ward off. These are the magnificent times of the day and witnessing the beautiful golden sky will bring you joy, freshness and such lovely feelings that will brighten your day.

5. Spend Time with Your Loved Ones:

We have been involved so much in the electronic world; our most of the time is spent in communication through the screens which is dragging us away from the real people around us. Turn off your devices; connect with the real time persons. Tell them that you love them. Your closed ones, your family member are the most deserving people to hear those words of love and we really don’t say them as much as we should. The loving words that you drop in their ears will turn your day into a beautiful one.

6. Spread Love:

Smile; it will make you fell happy. Spread love. Do little good things along the way. Help someone cross the road, hold the door open for little kids, help someone get the pram down the stairs, lend a helping hand to anyone in need. These seemingly small things can mean a lot to someone and will give you the feeling of satisfaction that you can feel yourself.


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