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Living Happy on Your Own Terms


The major part of some people’s life is spent on unnecessary anguish over other people’s expectations of them. In the worst scenario, they spend their life on other people’s dictation, ending up in anxiety. In the real sense, the only way that you can actually live happily on your own terms is by recognizing the fact that it is your life, and nobody else can make you happy except you. Remember, you can make yourself happy or you can make life worse if you do not take hold of your innate power and begin to live the life you’ve always wanted from today.


Here are 4 helpful tips to living happy on your own terms:

1. Stay Away from Toxic People:

Some people have no other business than to make life hard for you. They do this because it is in their characteristic; to be toxic. When they see you do good things, they are never happy, so they are always waiting for you at the corner to point out faults in your ideas. These set of people are referred to as ‘enemies of progress’. In fact, they will always do their best to ensure that you live your life not on your own but on their terms. Do away with them as soon as possible!

2. Stay Out of other People’s Business:

It is paramount that you stay out of people’s business if you really want other people to stay out of yours. Naturally, we all want to be loved and accepted by the people around us, and sometimes we overdo things by sticking our nose to where it does not belong, just for the desire of love and acceptance. Really, there’s no reason to get yourself involved in other people’s business when you have not even finished dealing with yours. Stay on your lane, and let things flow naturally. You don’t have to interfere in others affairs to be loved. Those who truly love you will accept you as who you are.

3. Let your Work Speak for You:

Let your work speak for you and never boast about the things you have. The more you speak about what you have—achievements and accomplishments, the more you bring competition upon yourself. The point to be made is that, the individuals who hide behind names, titles, accolades, degrees, luxuries and other achievements are those who feel insecure the most about what and who they are. You are lucky to have good things in life, but why be boastful about it? It’s good to be proud of your achievement, but why make it become a burden to you? Why speak for it when it can speak for itself? Be smart; avoid unnecessary pressure in your life!

4. Do what You are Passionate About:

Never give up on what you are passionate about. If you love to play, don’t hesitate being a sportsperson. If you love to write, please don’t stop writing. Don’t quit what you love doing because you are not at your best yet. This will only breed bitterness from the inside and you will regret quitting your passion. If you are having difficult times, face them with strength; they may just be the stepping stone to your greatness. There will always be difficult times; the ability to pass through them is what really makes life worth living. Even if you don’t bite the expected cheese, the happiness you derive from doing what you are passionate about is worth it if you truly want to live happy on your own terms.


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