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7 Ways to Build Trust in Relationships


Trust in relationships is as vital as love, whether it is a parent-child, wife-husband, or friend’s relation. When there is a relationship of trust between two people, there is a freedom of sharing their emotions with each other because they know that their feelings will be treasured. Lack of trust gives rise to arguments, creates misunderstandings, causes stress and can damage the relation.


To build and maintain trust, both persons need to be honest and true with each other. Trust can fluctuate during the bumps of life. It is essential to reassure that your relationship is still in tact. This can be done by following these points:

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  • Don’t lie:

Trust and lie can never go together. If you want to build trust in relationships, you must learn to remain honest and true all the time.  Lying to a person who is very close to you is really bad. A lie for the first time will compel you to make excuses again and again and the other person will not believe in you even when you are telling the truth. So always be honest and true.

  • Don’t Keep Secrets:

Nothing can destroy trust faster than secrets can. Won’t you feel disappointed and frustrated if one day you come to know something that your friend was hiding from you? Won’t your trust be broken? If the answer is yes, don’t do the same mistake yourself. Be up front and don’t hide anything from your closed ones especially your partner.

  • Don’t Break Your Promises:

In order to build trust, always keep your word and fulfill the promises that you make. If you promised to meet your friend then be there on time. Or you promised your wife to call her during lunch break, do it. These small things really matter towards building trust.

  • Don’t Leak Information:

If someone shares some confidential information with you, you should not leak it out. This is very important for building trust in relationships.

  • Don’t hesitate to sacrifice:

Sacrifice is an important key to develop trust. It is very difficult to give up anything for anyone. Therefore, when a person sacrifices something for someone, he is laying a powerful foundation of trust that will strongly hold the building of relationship.

  • Don’t Feel Shy to Apologize:

Learn to say sorry when you make a mistake. Sometimes, being too shy to admit your mistakes remains the main reason for lack of trust in relationships . In order to maintain trust, you must have the courage to make a sincere apology when you disappoint somebody. Make sure to stand by your words and never repeat the mistake again. This will not only repair but also strengthen the relationship of trust.

  • Don’t Forget to Explain:

Sometimes an apology is not sufficient to rebuild trust. Once you have realized your mistake and said sorry it is equally important to give the explanation. But explaining things at the wrong time would seem like a lame excuse to get out of trouble. Wait for the right time, i.e. when the other persons asks for it.

Avoiding these 7 don’ts will be very helpful in developing, maintaining and strengthening the bond of trust in a relationship.Do share your thoughts and experiences below in comments.


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