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Samsung Safety Truck Makes It Easier For Vehicles To Overtake


Samsung Safety Truck

Through the revolutionary Samsung Safety Truck , driving behind a semi-trailer truck is no more a problem. This is how it works:

A wireless camera is attached to the front of the truck and it films the traffic on the road. The image is sent to a video wall made out of four exterior monitors located on the back side of the truck. It has been designed such that the drivers behind can have a clear view of what is going on ahead of the giant truck, and it works even in the dark of night!  This makes it quite easier for the drivers to decide whether it is safe or not to overtake.

According to the Samsung’s blog post;

“Argentina’s statistics on traffic accidents are among the highest in the world, with most of these accidents occurring on two-lane roads and particularly in situations of overtaking. With this in mind, Samsung developed a technology for trucks that seeks to enrich the lives of people through innovation. But more than that, this time the goal is more ambitious: to save lives.”

This brilliant idea of Samsung Safety truck is not operational yet. however, the technology has been tested  and found working.  The implementation of the revolutionary Samsung Safety Truck will surely minimize the accidents that result due to sudden braking or by the animals crossing the road. The company is working with the NGO’s and the government to obtain necessary approvals. Samsung’s official blog post mentions it as follows:

“Currently, the prototype truck built is no longer operational. So far Samsung has been able to confirm that the technology works and that this idea can definitely save the lives of many people.”
“The next step is to perform the corresponding tests in order to comply with the existing national protocols and obtain the necessary permits and approvals. For this, Samsung is working together with safe driving NGOs and the government.”


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