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Scared Of Criticism? 6 Useful Tips to Deal With Criticism



CRITICISM… Something that everybody hates. Yet no one can avoid it. No matter how much effort you put into your work and how well you perform, someone somewhere is still going to criticize you. But there is no need to get scared of criticism. Successful are the people who learn the art of ignoring negative comments. Here are a few tips to deal with criticism that I would love to share with you.

1- Make Yourself Understand the Worth of Criticism:

When you are being criticized, the first thing you need to do is to take a deep breath and think what you can learn from it. Criticism may not always be negative. In fact, sometimes it is based on truth. When you value criticism, it gives you a whole new opportunity to improve in a number of ways.

2- Don’t Respond Instantaneously:

Try to stay quiet over criticism. Never let negativity overcome you. If you are a short-tempered person, then learn the art of controlling your anger. The problem is that every single one of us loves to be praised. When we receive criticism instead of admiration, our attitude becomes defensive and confrontational. Just relax and don’t take things personally. Remind yourself of the adverse effects of anger on health . If you are doing something right, there is nothing to be worried about. And if you are being criticized over your mistakes, then try to make something out of the useful suggestions lying underneath criticism.

3- Ignore It:

As long as you keep on thinking over criticism, you are going to lose many happy moments of your life. Don’t spoil your wellbeing and your mood by keeping criticism in your head. Ignore it and move on.

4- Smile And Say Thanks:

If you are upset because of some negative comments over your efforts, then smile, say thanks and put yourself back into control. When you know you are working hard, don’t let critics destroy your inner peace. Smiling and saying thanks are two powerful tools that can bring your mood back into place.

5- Feel Satisfied In Doing Things Out Of The Way:

If something pleases you, and your heart is satisfied over it, then just keep on doing it regardless of criticism. You dress in a wired way, oh well yes that’s your style. Your hair is so messed up. No problem, that’s a trademark.

6- Ask Your Best Friend:

Now say, you are a highly sensitive and emotional person. Criticism takes over you and it becomes hard to ignore the bad comments. In this case, try to get the negative effects off your chest by sharing with your best friend. If you are going to keep it to yourself, you are sure to suffer from depression very soon. But be sure, this friend of yours has an optimistic approach towards life.


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