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Secret of True Love


The word true love has been misunderstood by many people as another person- somebody you love the most and can’t imagine to live without. But the fact is that true love is deep inside your own-self. It resides IN YOU.


You Are the One Who Can Comfort Yourself the Most:

We are the ones who know ourselves the most. No one can understand the feelings that are deep inside our heart; not even the person closest to us can ever completely comprehend the pain, the suffering, the distress and the agony that resides inside our soul. Though it is possible that we pose ourselves differently in front of others but inside we are aware of our real feelings and our true thoughts. There are many situations when we look for other people to comfort us but there is no-one there for us. In those situations if you are able to identify the true love, that is the love within, you will find ultimate peace.

You should be the Most Admirable Person in your Eyes:

Most of us throughout our lives are busy building up barriers around ourselves. We admire what that impressive politician said, or what that well known artist did, or how that all-time favorite model dressed up. But sadly, we are all the time unaware of what our real purpose of this life is. We all want to be loved but at the same time we forget what true love actually demands. All the barriers that we build up around our true-self seem to be unbreakable but once you start loving the real you, breaking those barriers of imitating others won’t be difficult to break.

Your Satisfied Heart is the Key to True Happiness:

We want people to see us as confident and unbreakable personalities. We keep running after the material things because those are what we consider as the standards of a happy and impressive life. Only if we can identify the true love within ourselves we will understand that this was a false reality. Not the material things make us complete but our own personal power is what gives completion to our personality. And this power is the sense of being whole and complete.


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