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Sincere Apology – A Source of Peace and Comfort


We all make mistakes and we do hurt others. It doesn’t matter if we do it intentionally or unintentionally.  What matters most is how sincerely we apologize to undo the negative effects of our mistakes. Apology is such a powerful ritual that it can soothe broken hearts and repair relationships. However, a lot of courage is needed to apologize. Apologizing doesn’t mean saying just one empty word “SORRY”. In fact, a real apology is a statement that not only shows regret over your actions; it also contains acceptance of being responsible for your actions along with the willingness of never repeating in future.

It’s easy to say harsh words, to be rude, to show disrespect, and to belittle others. But have you ever thought what is gained in the end? It’s not only the people around you who get hurt; instead your own soul gets blistered. And eventually you end up with all the bitterness, pain and tension surrounding you.

A sincere apology brings peace and comforts the soul. You gain self-confidence and self -respect. It also restores your integrity and reputation in the eyes of others. Although a genuine apology heals emotional wounds, there are certain situations in which we never need to apologize. And yeah…no doubt, when we have really wronged someone, it seems quite hard to apologize but if done with sincerity, an apology can lift you up spiritually!

“Right actions in the future are the best apologies for bad actions in the past”-Tryon Edwards

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