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How To Stay Healthy and Avoid Bad Carbs?


Carbohydrates, fats and proteins are the three major constituents of our diet. Among the three, carbohydrates are considered as the ones mostly responsible for diabetes and obesity. The first thing that should be understood is that all carbs are not bad.

There are carbohydrates that if eaten too much can cause health problems. At the same time carbohydrates are very essential and one of the major diet nutrients. The simple carbs are the bad ones because they get easily digested and cause rise in sugar level and increase in body weight. Complex carbs (good carbs) are the ones that give enough fuel for good health.
Here are some easy tips that will help you cut back on troublesome carbs while getting enough energy.

Eat fruits and vegetables:

The first rule is to avoid the unhealthy/ starchy carbs and focus on sources of good carbohydrates. Fruits and vegetables (except potato) contain complex carbohydrates; ones that are good for our health. Avoid refined products like white bread, white flour and refined sugar as they contain starchy cabs that cause increase in body weight.

Drink plenty fluid:

Drink lots of water, fresh juices or any kind of healthy fluids daily. This will keep your stomach full and you will not have a craving for food. Moreover, it will keep your skin fresh and will prevent dehydration. Keep in mind not to take juices that are high in calories and have no fiber.

Take small meals:

It is not essential to start dieting in order to cut down on high carb foods. All you have to do is take small but healthy meals while avoiding simple (bad) carbs. Don’t wait too long between meals because too much hunger will force you to choose tempting but unhealthy food.

Include proteins and fats in your diet:

Proteins and fat rich food are very good alternatives when you want to stay away from upsetting carbs. Proteins and good fats take long time to get digested and hence the stomach does not feel hungry quickly. A good low carb diet is one with moderate amount of protein and high amount of fats. Fat should be 70% of total calories intake while staying on low carb diet and 1.5 to 2 gm of protein per kg of body weight is recommended to be a healthy choice.

Break heavy meals:

Breaking up your meals is another good way. Instead of taking a piece of bread, an egg and yogurt try to eat two of them and have the third item after two or three hours. This will stop your stomach from staying empty for long and will reduce your craving for food.


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