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How To Stop Worrying About People’s Judgment


Are you among those people who constantly fear what others think of you? How do they judge you? What is your impression on them? Would they talk positive or negative about you? If the answer to these questions is yes, it means your life is not in your command. It is being driven by others’ views and you can not make choices for yourself. However , if you want to succeed in life, then stop worrying about others and be yourself by following these simple tips:

when-someone-judges-about-you-judgedgement-quotes 1. Stop Judging Others

You become self conscious when you are keeping a critical eye on others. The more you become judgmental about others, the more you will feel like they are judging you. These two qualities are directly linked with each other. Shunning your habit of analyzing others critically will be the most helpful in getting over the fear of being judged. If you acknowledge others; you will be acknowledged.

2. Stop Over Thinking

Are they judging you or are you judging yourself? Most of the time it is just your over thinking that makes you feel you are being noticed in public. Actually you aren’t. You are just being too over-sensitive about yourself. Test it by doing something out of ordinary. You will be surprised to know that no one notices you. It would be something quite normal for others. Only your closed ones would notice the difference but for others, it won’t matter. So, next time when you feel insecure just remember that you might be over thinking.

3. Have Faith in Yourself

People keep judging and they pass comments as well, but that’s not an issue. You know yourself. Don’t care about others’ opinions. Never doubt your abilities and have faith in yourself. To be more beautiful is to be yourself.

4. Ignore the Negative Comments

If someone’s comment makes you feel bad about yourself, remember that there will be another person who would love the same image of you. We categorize everything in our daily life like colors, food items, cars, dresses etc as good or bad on the basis of our experience or taste. The same thing might be appealing for one person while for the other it would be unattractive. Always focus on the positive views and don’t be disappointed by the unfair judgment of negative people around you. Negativity can become very toxic and harmful. (Read more: How to Stay Positive in Negative Situation)

5. Control your Emotions

Learn to have control on your emotions. Sometimes, you feel that someone is focusing on your appearance or your work and your breathing gets irregular and disordered. Next time when you start feeling nervous, try this. Take a deep breath. Then breathe out very slowly visualizing that you are exhaling the emotion of fear and worry. It will calm you. Once the fear is gone you will observe that your emotion was actually absurd.

6. Accept Freedom of Thought

You can never change the perception of another person. You can not force a person to stop thinking bad about you. You have to admit that it is every individual’s right to have freedom of thought. Accept it even if you don’t like what others think or say about you. They have their own opinions just like you have.

If you follow these guidelines, you won’t be concerned about being judged.



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