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Is Technology Destroying Relationships ? Are You Also a Victim of it ?


These days communication with our loved ones has become quite easier. The credit goes to modern technology. It seems like something near to impossible to live a life without a mobile phone or a laptop.  But is it really good? Well, this is something difficult to answer. While there are hundreds of benefits related to the use of modern communication devices; still, I am bound to label it as one of the most influential and toxic relationship destroyer. Consider the following scenarios:


Wife wants to discuss something important but husband is busy communicating with friends on facebook.
Kids are playing at the park and are calling out their mom to have a look at them. Mom is not responding. Reason; she is on her phone.
Dad and mom are waiting for George on the dining table. But the child informs them via text message that he is unable to join them. Why? Because he wants some more time to spend with his iPhone.

These are just a few examples of what actually is happening around us. What I feel is that instead of using this modern technology to connect, we have started to disconnect from our loved ones. Spending most of the time with virtual friends on whatsapp, facebook and twitter has become a global custom. And unfortunately this is being done at the cost of ignoring those who are REALLY PRESENT in our lives. This is creating a gap and growing divide in every relationship. I am not saying that everyone is doing it, but you won’t hesitate to admit that MOST of us ARE already a victim to this toxic habit. Instead of saving time, we are using technology to actually waste time and make things complicated.

Video(Social Media ruining our social Life):

Should we abandon technology and go back to stone ages? Well, obviously not. However, we need to learn how to prioritize relationships over technology.  Here are some important tips that might help you improve the quality of your relationship with your loved ones.


  • Pay Attention:

Put down your smart phone and pay attention when your friend, spouse or child is talking to you. Paying attention is considered as one of the most sincere ways to show respect.

  • Discipline Yourself:

Now this is really important. You need to discipline yourself so that your quality time doesn’t go wasted with the technology. If you are busy playing candy crush or you are uploading pics on social media while there is a lot work to be done, you are eventually going to be at loss.


  • Spend Quality Time with Family:

Spare a portion of free time with your family; your parents, your children, your spouse, and even your grandparents (if you are lucky enough to have them). Your own inner self would be lifted up, and you will feel much comfort within yourself. Do it on daily basis.

  • Plan outings:

Plan some outings with your family. Going to a recreational spot with your loved ones will make them feel even more loved. Your bond of love and sincerity will flourish by planning such trips.

  • Appreciate Each Other:

Social media fever has made us ungrateful to a great extent. We get inspired by having a look at the photos of happy families on facebook and twitter. Instead of considering them more blessed, make your life a blessed one. You can easily do it by adding more love and showing more care for your family. Appreciate each other instead of appreciating others on social media. Ponder over your life. See how much your spouse is doing for you.

  • Your Presence Matters:

Don’t rely on technology when you have to talk to someone in the next room. Eye contact, touch of warm hands and the tone of your voice is important to convey messages and ultimately build a strong relationship. A plain text message sent by touching key pad does not possess the power to transmit your emotions. You need to be physically present because it matters a lot.

I would like to end up by saying that modern technology is a tool that we must use. But remember, excess of everything is bad. Don’t be a slave to these gadgets. Research has already proven that excess use of mobile phones poses many hazards. Your iPhones, tablets and laptops are there to serve you. Don’t let twitter, linkedIn or facebook take over your brain. It’s time to make some effort to drag yourself out of the digital addiction. Let’s make some effort from this moment to return to real life. Your real family and real friends are still waiting for you because they love you.Don’t forget to share and Share your thoughts in comment section. Have a great day. 🙂



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