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The Beautiful Skeleton Flower


Skeleton Flower

Flowers are a gift of nature that improve our emotional health. They always delight our senses and lighten up our mood. Skeleton flower is a unique flower having umbrella like petals that can change colour.

Skeleton flower is different from other flowers in its ability to turn transparent when it gets wet. This flower is a white beauty while dry and when rain drops fall on it, its petals become completely clear. On becoming transparent, you can say that, the skeleton of the flower is visible, from where it got the name; Skeleton flower. Its scientific name is Diphylleia grayi. This flower can be called as a miracle of the nature. Once dried, it again turns white.


It is a rare flower and can be found only in three parts of the world. Japan, China and the Appalachian Mountains in the United States. It does not like hot weather and scorching sun. Its plant can grow up to 1 meter wide and 0.4 meter high in favourable conditions like partial sunlight and spring season.

You can see the video of this flower turning white to transparent in this video.

(Diphylleia grayi) Skeleton Flower Video :


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