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The Best Way to Retaliate is Through Hard Work


How a young girl fought her way through life after all doors shut close


It is said that hard work doesn’t guarantee success, but it does improve its chances. In the case of a wedding photographer, Sanaa Aziz Khan, this hard work actually proved incredible.

Sanaa was in the second year of her medical school when one unfortunate day, the earth beneath her feet shook lose.

“It seemed like the world literally crashed around me” she recalls.

The news of her dad’s sudden death was at first unbelievable. Being very close to her father, Sanaa was shaken to the core. Of all her siblings, she shared a special bond with him and the love and compassion between the two was paramount. The unexpected fall of this relationship proved painful.

In the face of the sudden death, Sanaa’s family faced another dilemma. With nothing left in bank accounts and all of Sanaa’s siblings, including her, enrolled in prestigious schools, nobody knew where the money was going to come from. Being the eldest child of the family meant that it was Sanaa who had to find a way out of the crisis; to support her studies and those of her two siblings, both then-enrolled in their O-Levels.

With no relatives backing her, she knew she’ll be unable to pay for her medical school fees.

“So the first thing I did was to drop out of medical school. I knew there was no way I could pay those hefty sums.”

Sanaa took up a small freelance job and began earning a trickle of money. One of her friends suggested her to take up photography, which was emerging as a booming industry. With a rented camera and a Facebook fan page, Sanaa set out to launch her photography career. She soon realized her inner passion when her business started proving successful and she was asked by increasing numbers of people to cover their wedding events. In no time, Sanaa Aziz shot to fame.

Within a couple of months, Sanaa earned ample money to get herself enrolled in another private institution for her Bachelors in International Relations. Her siblings were able to continue their studies undisturbed. Her mother continued to stand by her during this time.

It’s been around three years ever since Sanaa is working as a wedding photographer. Based in Islamabad, she covers wedding events not just within the city but travels great distances to other places and has a huge fan following. She has faced hardships, but she continues to wage her war. She is a fighter, and she is fighting for herself, her family. With money not a problem any more, Sanaa has become choosy about events and is able to excel at her studies.

“I’m thankful to God for giving me this life and making me who I am today. Throughout the toughest trials of my life, He held onto me as I held onto Him until I finally reached the light at the end of the tunnel. If there’s any lesson I’ve learned from life, it can be summed up as this that life will continue to show you hardships, but it’s for you to work hard and get out of that darkness. Secondly, people will not help you in time of need, and once you touch success, they will do every possible bit to turn you down and get jealous of how far you have reached. The best way to retaliate back is through your continued hard work. And I am thankful to every one of them who made me more powerful while hating my success and today I can stand up with confidence.”


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