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The Unbreakable Glass for Your Mobile Phones!


A new type of glass has been developed by the Japanese scientists that can be called as the “unbreakable glass”. This is going to be a breakthrough in the field of construction as well as mobile phone manufacture.

Now there is no need to get worried about your falling smart phone because the unbreakable glass will prevent the screen from any possible scratches or damage.
The experiments that led to the manufacture of this amazing unbreakable glass were conducted at the university of Tokyo’s Institute of Industrial Science. Dr Atsunobu Masuno is the man behind the team of researchers. This is what he said in an interview to the newspaper Asahi Shinbun:

“Thinner and lighter glass are desired for windows in buildings and cars, substrates for (thin-film transistor) displays and covers of smart-phones.”

“Glasses with high elastic moduli and high hardness values have been in demand for years because the thickness of sheet glass with these properties can be decreased while maintaining its strength.”

Currently, this research team is working to establish ways of mass-producing the new material.

“We will establish a way to mass-produce the new material shortly.”

Silicon dioxide is used for the formation of oxide glass. Scientists knew that its strength could be boosted by adding up , alumina(an oxide of aluminum) . But this mixing had always been so difficult due to the crystallization process that occurs when glass comes in contact with its container.

This team of researchers was able to bypass the crystallization issue by using the ‘aerodynamic levitation’ technique. This technique does not require the use of container; instead gas is used to push the chemicals into the air, where they synthesize to form the glass. As a result of this procedure, highly transparent glass with rigidity near to steel was produced.

Glass manufacturers are so keen to have this new product in the market. Up till now, only a small experimental amount of this unbreakable glass has been produced. However, once manufactured on a large scale, this is going to open a whole new world of wonders. It is expected that the new unbreakable glass technology will be commercialized within next five years.


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