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The Thin Line Between Success and Failure


When you were born and gave out that loud cry, nobody told you, “welcome to a world of multiple phases.” With the euphoria of love and care around you could almost think that life forever was a bed of roses. Now that reality has set in and you are left to face the challenges that arise each day in your life, would you rather give up trying to succeed or keep pushing hard against all odds?

I have not come across any man without a dream but I have seen countless number of men give up on those dreams when challenges surfaced. You must understand that there is no hiding from challenges so long as you are still living. Challenges may mean different things to us. A college student struggling to make C grades when others easily get the A’s, is going through a phase of challenge. The closest thought would be “Am dull, I won’t make it in life.” I wish that were true but over time, I have seen people, who were not the top rated students in their college days, become owners of renowned conglomerates. Some of them did not even finish college and yet they are impacting lives today.
What makes you think you are an exception and your life has no meaning? That’s falsehood. And you know who is telling you that? ‘YOUR MIND’.


The mind is a great tool that can either propel you to greatness or drive you to failure, depending on how you use it. Those who succeed in life see the possibilities in challenges, convert them to their advantage and follow their dream through till it becomes a reality. Whereas some other people who eventually become failures see problems as great insurmountable mountains and drown in the misery forever.

Every purposeful living starts with the mind. Your success or failure story would be defined by how positive or how negative you engage your mind. I tell you, if Helen Keller had thought of her handicap (deaf and blind) nature as a limitation, she wouldn’t have dared to live life graciously as an author, political activist and lecturer.

A lot of well-established people today are our role models and we want to be like them at all cost. That’s cool, you know! But do you also know that there was a point in their life when everything was bleak? What if they had given up on their dream, would you affiliate with them and make them your role model today? Your life is a story too; others are waiting to read it. With an optimistic mind, you write your success story but with a pessimistic mind you are telling the world, “I AM NOT FIT TO BE A MODEL”

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LIFE IS A CHOICE! But choose to live in a world of optimism regardless of circumstances around. Recreate your personality with positive thoughts, positive words and positive actions. Success and failure are two worlds apart but what differentiates them is just a thin line – THE MIND.


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