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Why you Should be Humble and Live Humbly



Are you feeling down, or more precisely a bit depressed? Do you want to get out of this gloomy condition and lift yourself up? If so, then try to be more kind and humble. It is said that

“If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else.”

-Booker T. Washington


Being humble is a magical way of soothing one’s soul. It not only helps you to gain self-control in difficult situations, but also strengthens your relationships with others. Offering a helping hand to those in need will automatically help you alleviate your soul. Reach out your friends and relatives, and admit if you have done something wrong. Your kind words would definitely brighten the day of your loved ones. This, in turn, would help you feel better. You will experience peace within yourself.

Humility is a key to happier and healthier life. A person with kind and humble nature loves everyone, and in return gets loved by everyone. Some people think of humility as a weakness. The truth is that humbleness could be your greatest strength. Ever noticed the streams flowing into the sea? It gives a clear lesson that if you want to gain leadership; you need to place yourself below people. Your real power lies in humility. Let’s lift ourselves up, by being more kind and humble. Let’s start from today!

But remember one golden rule, to achieve your goals; you need to put your ego aside.

“Nothing can bring you peace but yourself.” Dale Carnegie


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