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Wife and The Window



There was a newly wed couple. They bought an apartment and started living there. The wife used to keep a critical eye on everyone. From the window of their dining hall they could clearly see their neighbour’s apartment located at their back side.

One day while both the husband and wife were having breakfast, the wife saw that their neighbours had washed their clothes. She could see the clothes left to be dried in the sun. “They do not wash their clothes properly,” she said to her husband “Oh they should send their clothes to the laundry, or should change their detergent. I can’t imagine how will they put on these unclean clothes.”

Husband gave a glance at the clothes but stayed quiet and continued his breakfast. It became a regular habit of the wife to criticize the neighbors whenever they washed their clothes. She would say to her husband that I really wish I could talk to them about their washing and recommend them to get their clothes cleaned at a laundry or if they want to do it themselves then they should learn how to wash clothes neatly … and so on. She would not stop criticizing.

After a month, the wife was surprised to see the neat and clean washing of the neighbours and said to her husband, “Look, finally they have learnt how to wash clothes. Thank God their clothes are clean today but I wonder who taught them so. May be they changed their detergent …”
The husband looked deep into the wife’s eyes and said, “Today I woke up early in the morning and wiped that window of our dining hall from where you view the neighbour’s house.”

Similarly, in our daily life we keep a critical eye on others but actually our own window is not clean. We hold others responsible but actually our own perception is wrong. Before criticizing anyone, think once … isn’t there anything good in it that I can think and talk about? We should think positive and look at the bright side of the picture. We should always check our own window first before creating an opinion about anyone. The way we look at the things depends entirely upon our own mindset. If our own window is clean, we will find beauty in everything.


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