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What does a wife expect from her husband ?


Marriage is the beginning of a new journey–a journey that enables a couple to share experiences. Through this bond, you can either fill up your life with calmness, serenity and happiness or vice versa. Sometimes happiness in marriage is considered entirely as a matter of chance, but that’s not true. With love, care, tenderness, trust and sacrifice, you can make your marriage a successful one. It is the highest state of friendship, where both husband and wife contribute to turn out into a wonderful family.

successful-marriage-quote-requires-fallingMen are often found complaining about women and labeling them as “complicated creatures”; whereas the fact is that women are not that complicated. It’s just that they think differently from men and have their own perspective of love, marriage and life. If you wish to know what qualities your wife wishes to see in you, then read on gentlemen and take note.

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  • Helper:

Yes, just a helper, not a servant!! Wives want their husbands to help them do little things around the house. Helping your wife makes her feel you really understand and appreciate her. It can be small things like bringing her a cup of coffee, helping her wash dishes, putting empty cans in the bin or holding your baby. It’s easy to sort out what comforts her most. Try to serve her and your wife’s going to love it for sure.

  • Leader:

An ideal husband possesses the quality of leadership. He knows how to set directions and make decisions. Obviously, your wife wants her opinion to be heard. But ultimately she desires you to be strong enough to decide and then set plans into motion. It gives her an overall sense of security because she knows she can count on you in every matter.

  • Lover:

Your wife wants to hear words affection from you. She needs to be loved and appreciated for the efforts she makes while taking care of you, your home and your kids. Saying “I love you” makes her feel happy and secure.  Try to utter loving and praising words to her, like; you are so amazing, you are beautiful or I love you the way you are. For you, it might be something unimportant, but this is the secret of long-term happy marriages. Just try to be loving to her on regular basis, through your words as well as actions.

  • Listener:

Conflicts and misunderstandings mostly arise in marriages due to the lack of the ability to listen to each other. Usually, women want to be heard more. So, if you are a good listener, it means you are a good husband!  Turn off the T.V, keep your mobile phone aside, make eye contact with her and just pay attention to your wife when she is talking to you. This makes her feel more loved.

  • Cherisher:

A good husband is a cherisher of his wife. Cherishing your wife means taking care of her in such a way that she feels secure with you; physically as well as emotionally. You must be able to eliminate her fears and make her believe you will remain committed and faithful to her.  It is really important to cherish her and to provide an environment in which her self-esteem can increase.

  • Provider:

Even though your wife may be earning, she wants you to be the principal provider. A husband who works selflessly to please his wife and kids holds a special place in their hearts. If you are facing difficulties in doing a specific job, be open and honest with your wife. She will definitely understand and will try to guard your money by spending less. Your devotion to work in order to provide your family would bring serenity, calmness and security to your spouse.


Like any other relationship, marriage also requires time to flourish. To lead a successful married life, try to be more humble and patient. If you are able to dissolve your ego, you will surely be able to lead a balanced and happy life.


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